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7 Scenarios Where You Will Need to Hire Private Detective Services in Florida

Private detective services are crucial in uncovering the truth and solving mysteries in various scenarios. Hiring a private detective can provide invaluable assistance when faced with complex situations requiring specialized investigation skills and expertise.

In Florida, the demand for private detectives is low. Data shows that the private investigation industry is worth $6.5 billion in the US, with Florida as one of the states where demand is low. Nevertheless, there are many scenarios where you might have to seek private detective services in Florida.

For instance, ACES Private Investigations states that private investigators can help with background checks, infidelity cases, child custody matters, surveillance investigations, etc. If you are in any of these situations, hiring private detective services can help you get out of them.

For Infidelity Investigations

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, hiring a private detective is the best way to confirm your suspicions. Private detectives are highly trained professionals who can help uncover the truth of any matter and provide the evidence you need to move forward with a divorce or separation.

Infidelity is quite common in Florida, and some of the highest-ranking places are Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. This data has been released by a dating site for the already married. In fact, even the divorce rate, at 3.4%, in Florida is among the highest in the country.

This shows that there can be frequent encounters of spouses cheating on their partners. In such a scenario, you must seek help from a local private detective.

If you stay in any of the places with high levels of infidelity, you can get help from detective services to uncover the truth and end your marriage as soon as possible so that you can move on in your life. You can look for private detectives in West Palm Beach, Orlando, or any other place to find and hire the right individuals for the job.

The first step in hiring a private detective is finding one with infidelity investigations experience. You will want to ask them how often they have conducted these kinds of cases in the past year and what types of cases they have handled in general so that it’s clear they know what they’re doing when they start digging into yours.

To Find Out If Your Child Is Doing Drugs

Your child is at an age where they are still young enough to be your little one but also old enough to make their own decisions. Some of those decisions can have serious consequences, like using drugs. For the unversed, Florida ranks second in the country for drug overdose deaths. So, you have to be cautious as a parent.

If you suspect your child is using drugs or just want confirmation that they aren’t using drugs, then a private detective can help you with this issue. A private investigator will be able to get a urine test done on your child, and the results will be confidential so no one else finds out about it.

For Criminal Defense Cases

Private investigation services can be crucial in criminal defense cases. Defense attorneys often work with private investigators to gather additional evidence, verify facts, and conduct independent inquiries that can strengthen their clients’ defenses. Here are some scenarios where private investigation services are valuable for criminal defense cases:

  • Witness interviews: Private investigators can locate and interview witnesses who may have vital information about the case. Sometimes, witnesses may be reluctant to speak with law enforcement or have yet to be identified by the police. A skilled investigator can build rapport with witnesses and elicit relevant information that can support the defense.
  • Evidence collection: Private investigators can examine crime scenes, collect physical evidence, and review surveillance footage or photographs. This can be especially critical when there are questions about the integrity of the police investigation or if the defense believes that certain evidence has been mishandled or overlooked.
  • Background checks: Conducting thorough background checks on witnesses, victims, and even law enforcement personnel involved in the case can uncover potential biases, motives, or inconsistencies that could be relevant to the defense strategy.
  • Alibi verification: In cases where the accused claims to have an alibi, a private investigator can work to verify the alibi and gather evidence supporting the defendant’s presence at a different location during the alleged crime.
  • Expert witness research: Private investigators can assist defense attorneys in finding and vetting expert witnesses who can provide testimony to challenge the prosecution’s case or support the defense’s arguments.
  • Surveillance: Surveillance may monitor the activities of potential witnesses, victims, or others involved in the case. This can reveal any behavior contradicting their statements or the prosecution’s version of events.
  • Uncovering new evidence: Private investigators may discover new leads and evidence that law enforcement missed, overlooked, or didn’t prioritize during their investigation.

Missing Person Mysteries

In Florida, missing person mysteries are not uncommon. Data shows that Florida reported 1,252 missing persons this year as of date. In fact, there are thousands of them every year. However, they can be challenging to solve because the people involved may want to avoid being found and will do their best to hide from the police.

A private investigator can work alongside the police to find the missing person quickly. This is because the law enforcers may have various other tasks to take care of, but private investigators can offer focused attention on your case alone. This can quicken the search and help find the missing person.

To Investigate Corporate Issues

As a business owner, you will likely need to hire private detective services at some point. There are many reasons why this could happen, but the most common one is corporate issues. Corporate issues can include fraud, embezzlement, and theft, just to name a few crimes that may be committed against your company by an employee.

This type of investigation is often needed when someone within an organization has done damage. They need to determine the extent of damage to prevent future losses from occurring again in another area where people have access to sensitive information about finances or assets.

For Background Checks

You can use a private investigator to perform background checks on your employees, potential employees, or yourself. A background check involves obtaining information about an individual’s criminal and credit history. The process can also include checking their employment history and education history.

Background checks are used for many reasons:

  • To check the criminal record of an applicant before hiring them
  • To ensure that no one with a criminal record is working within your company
  • To verify if someone has been fired from another job because they had poor performance or were unable to follow rules

For Due Diligence Checks

Ensuring everything checks out is essential if you’re in the market for a new home or business. A due diligence check is a type of investigation that collects information about an individual or company, such as its history and finances. This information can be used to determine if they are trustworthy, which is why many people hire private investigators during this process.

There are many benefits to hiring a private investigator for your due diligence check:

  • They have access to databases that allow them to find more information than would otherwise be possible.
  • They have years of experience conducting these types of investigations, so they know what questions need asking, where exactly they should look for answers, and how best to get those answers without drawing unwanted attention.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that the decision to hire a private investigator is serious. Do your research and determine if this kind of help is right for you before contacting any agency or individual. Sometimes, hiring an attorney may be more appropriate than hiring someone with these qualifications, so make sure you know what type of case needs investigating before making any decisions about hiring anyone.


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