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Replacement Social Security Card for a Child


Social Security cards serve as one of the primary forms of identification in the United States. For children, they are essential not just for tax purposes but also for various stages of life, from medical services to school enrollment. If your child’s Social Security card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it is crucial to replace it in a timely manner to prevent potential issues down the road. Here’s how to go about obtaining a replacement Social Security card for your child.

Why Replace a Lost Social Security Card?

While the physical card isn’t frequently used in day-to-day life for a child, there are critical junctures where you might need it:

  1. Medical Procedures: Hospitals and medical facilities often require the Social Security card as part of the identification process.
  2. School Enrollment: When registering your child for school, you may be asked to provide their Social Security card.
  3. Benefit Verification: In situations where you might be claiming government benefits for your child, a Social Security card can be vital.

Steps to Obtain a Replacement Card for a Child:

Gather Supporting Documents: To apply for a replacement card, you will need to provide documents that prove your child’s identity and citizenship. Commonly accepted documents include:

    • U.S. birth certificate (proves both identity and citizenship)
    • U.S. passport (proves citizenship)
    • Medical records (for children under age 6)
    • School identification card or record

Proof of Your Identity: As the parent or legal guardian, you’ll also need to provide identification. A driver’s license or passport is commonly accepted.

Complete the SS-5 Form: This is the “Application for a Social Security Card.” It is a straightforward form that requires details about your child, including their original Social Security Number. Make sure to fill out the form accurately to prevent any processing delays.

Submit the Application: The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not typically allow online submissions for replacements concerning minors. Therefore, you will need to either:

    • Mail the SS-5 form along with the original or certified copies of the supporting documents to your local Social Security office.
    • Visit a local Social Security office in person with the required documents.

Receive the Card: After your application has been processed and approved, the SSA will send a new Social Security card for your child to the address you provided. This process usually takes 10-14 business days.

Points to Remember:

  • No Fees: There’s no charge for replacing a lost or stolen Social Security card. Always ensure you’re dealing directly with the SSA and not third-party agencies that might charge unnecessary fees.
  • Replacement Limits: You can replace a lost or stolen Social Security card up to three times in a year and up to ten times during a lifetime. Exceptions exist for certain scenarios, such as name changes.
  • Security: Once you receive the new card, store it securely to prevent identity theft or fraud. It’s also a good idea to monitor your child’s credit report to ensure that their SSN hasn’t been misused.


Losing important identification documents, especially for your child, can be stressful. Thankfully, the process to replace a child’s Social Security card is straightforward. By ensuring you have the necessary documentation in order and following the appropriate steps, you can seamlessly secure a replacement. Always remember to store such vital documents safely to minimize the risks of loss or theft.

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