What Kinds of Incidents Qualify For a Burn Injury Attorney

If you are looking to get compensation for your burn injury then right away you may be wondering if your burn injury qualifies for a settlement. To help you figure out whether you need to get a burn injury attorney involved or not, we are going to walk you through the ins and outs of burn injuries and what makes them qualify for a legal settlement.

By the end of this brief guide, you will know what to do next.

The types of burns included

It is important to know that incidents that qualify for a burn injury settlement are not just those caused by fire. On the contrary, common burn cases include chemical burns, friction burns, electrical burns, and even radiation burns.

If you have suffered from one of these types of burns then you qualify to proceed to the next subheading. Your burn injury counts. 

Who is to blame?

If you suffered severe burns as a result of your own actions or negligence then there is little point in proceeding further as you will not qualify for any kind of settlement. 

However, if you honestly believe that your burns were caused intentionally by someone else or that the burns are the result of someone else’s negligence then you can proceed to a legal settlement case. 

Is your incident provable?

To have a viable case or claim then there needs to be some amount of evidence that can prove that your injury is caused by the action or inaction of someone else. Let us go over a few things that you will need to prove to have a qualifiable burn injury incident.

  • Someone who in this case will be called “the defendant” was responsible to take action to prevent injury and/or protect you and they failed to do so. Eg employer, manufacturer.
  • That person failed in their duty of care towards you by recklessness, carelessness, or lack of action. 
  • You suffered as a result with medical expenses, injury, and psychological impact. 

Contact your burn injury attorney

Even if you are still unsure if you have everything you need, you can still contact an attorney qualified for these sorts of cases and ask them how viable it is for your case to get taken seriously and what sort of compensation you can expect.

The attorney can also help you piece together the evidence you need and investigate other policies and details that may impact your case. Though alone it may seem impossible, with the help of an experienced attorney you can get the settlement you deserve. 




By Nichole