Challenges Bicycle Riders Often Face

Cycling is enjoyable when done correctly while following all traffic regulations. This enjoyable sport and hobby can also be dangerous due to the numerous challenges you may face as a cyclist while on the road. Some of these challenges are usually the leading factors in bicycle accidents.


Roundabouts have continued to be a hotspot for many accidents, more so those in major urban centers. Such roundabouts do contain numerous exits; thus, motorists tend to emerge from any side of the roundabout without paying much attention to any present cyclists, which may lead to an accident. Other motorists do tend to overtake cyclists while at the roundabout, thus leaving insufficient room, and therefore such motorists do easily cause a road accident. You can consult a bicycle accident attorney if you find yourself in a fix on a roundabout with other motorists.


 Potholes are extremely dangerous for cyclists, especially on busy highways and roads. You may easily lose control while riding on a road full of potholes. While driving on such a road, you should adopt a central riding position to avoid potholes, usually on the road edge. Always look out for any defects on the road while cycling to minimize any chances of causing an accident.


The number of accidents occurring at T-junctions is equal to the accidents that occur at roundabouts. Such accidents may be caused by irresponsible motorists who emerge from the junctions onto the main roads without checking for any cyclists leading to collisions. Some motorists also fail to give way to cyclists in oncoming traffic. Accidents caused by T-junctions are always fatal, and in most instances, you may sustain serious injuries as a cyclist.

Faulty Brakes

You may face a serious challenge while on the road if your bicycle has faulty brakes. Before cycling, you should ensure that all the brakes are in working condition. Quality brakes determine between a nasty accident and a safe trip. You should also replace your brake pads after some time to enhance maximum efficiency.

Poor Lighting

A high number of cyclists worldwide cycle without having good lights, thus making it difficult for other motorists and road users to notice them easily, which may easily lead to an accident. You should ensure your bicycle has quality LED lights with a powerful beam to enhance your visibility to other road users. The lights should be on both the front and the back of the bicycle. You should also ensure your bicycle has reflector plates to ensure that your bicycle is visible.

 Lack Of Proper Cycling Gear

Having the right gear while cycling is paramount to minimize any chances of road accidents. Cycling helmets come in handy in protecting your head against injuries in case of an accident. The helmet should also be fitting to ensure your comfort while cycling.

Cycling on a sunny day may be difficult; thus, protecting your eyes is vital. Wearing sunglasses is important to protect your eyes from the radiant UV rays. You should also ensure that your bicycle saddle is comfortable enough. A poorly designed saddle may lead to back pains, eventually leading to medical complications.

Poor Tires

The tires of your bicycle do determine the quality of ride. Good tires enhance an escalated grip, thus making the bicycle more controllable. Poor quality tires may lead to increased punctures, making you lose control, thus easily causing an accident. When purchasing bicycle tires during the summer season, purchase the lighter tires, and during winter, you should consider purchasing wider tires with a better grip.

As a cyclist, you may face numerous challenges on the road, and if you are not careful, they may lead to fatal accidents. You should always ensure that your bicycle is in good condition before getting on the road and ensure that you are easily visible to other motorists by having the right gear.

By Debra Berrier