What’s the point of bringing an IDP?

You need a special travel document called an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by the United Nations in order to lawfully drive a motor vehicle in many countries other than your own. This rule is for your own safety and security.

If the holder of an IDP also has a valid domestic licence, they will not need to take any further exams to be licenced to drive a motor vehicle in any of the other signatory countries.

Countries that have signed on to any one of the United Nations’ International Conventions on Road Traffic are regarded as contracting parties.

Make sure you meet the IDP requirements of your destination country before you leave.

A valid driver’s licence is required to rent a car in several countries. Failure to comply with this order may be a serious crime or civil wrongdoing with dire consequences. Your overseas auto insurance claim may be refused if you do not have an IDP to prove that you have taken reasonable precautions to protect yourself and your car from theft, fire, or other perils while driving abroad.

Having an International Driver’s Permit might put your mind at ease even if you have no plans to use it when travelling abroad.

For your personal safety and security, the United Nations has designated your international driving permit as a legitimate travel document. An IDP is often required to rent a car in several nations. If you ever lose your passport or need help, possessing an IDP might come in handy. Over 150 countries will accept your International Driving Permit as proof of identity. It has your name, picture, and driving privileges translated into many languages, making it usable to the vast majority of government employees and law enforcement agencies you may encounter on your travels. The bearer’s need to follow all local rules and regulations in the countries through which they are travelling is unaffected. In the case of an emergency, an International Driving Permit will allow you to drive a motor vehicle in the majority of countries outside of the United States.

It is suggested that travellers with driving plans in many countries acquire an International Driver’s License. Whether for business or pleasure, you should always have one on hand while travelling abroad. Since most countries do not recognise U.S. driver’s licences, you may want to consider getting an international driver’s licence.

You may receive an International Driver’s License through IDL TRAVEL in addition to an International Driving Permit from the U.S. Department of State. If you want to drive a vehicle in another country, you’ll need an International Driving Permit. There are almost 150 nations that recognise it.

Keep in mind that both the International Driver’s Permit and the International Driver’s Permit Card are meant to be used in addition to your regular driver’s licence, not in substitute of it. Your original driver’s licence should never leave your person while you are operating a motor vehicle.

Having an international driver’s licence has the following benefits

Having an International Driver’s License is helpful if you plan to drive in a country where the official language is different from any of the ones stated on your licence. You still need a driver’s licence even if you’re only a passenger and your driver is doing all the driving in a foreign nation.

By Clare Louise