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State Bar of Michigan Member Directory

State Bar of Michigan Member Directory

The State Bar of Michigan (SBM) is a vital resource for legal professionals and citizens in the state of Michigan. As an umbrella organization for attorneys, it serves as a hub for crucial information and services that maintain the high standards of the legal profession. One of the SBM’s significant offerings is the Member Directory. This article offers a comprehensive guide to the State Bar of Michigan Member Directory, shedding light on its purpose, contents, and how to utilize it effectively.

Understanding the State Bar of Michigan:

Before delving into the Member Directory, it is essential to comprehend the SBM’s role. Established in 1935, the SBM works to improve the administration of justice, promote the legal profession’s ethical conduct, and serve the public by fostering awareness of legal issues. It is mandatory for attorneys practicing in Michigan to be members of the State Bar.

The Member Directory – An Overview:

The State Bar of Michigan Member Directory is an online repository that provides information on attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Michigan. This directory is publicly accessible and is an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses seeking legal assistance, as well as for legal professionals who wish to network or collaborate.

What Does the Directory Include?

The directory lists the names, contact information, and practice areas of all active members of the SBM. Some of the information you can expect to find includes:

  1. Name and State Bar Number.
  2. Contact information – office address, phone number, and email.
  3. Admittance Date – The date when the attorney was first admitted to the State Bar.
  4. Practice Areas – Areas of law in which the attorney specializes.
  5. Education – Law schools attended and degrees obtained.
  6. Status – Whether the attorney is active, inactive, suspended, or disbarred.
  7. Disciplinary History – Any disciplinary actions taken against the attorney.

Using the Member Directory:

For the General Public: The Member Directory serves as a resource for individuals and businesses looking for legal representation. By searching for attorneys based on location, practice area, or name, one can find a suitable legal professional to assist with their specific needs.

For Legal Professionals: Attorneys and other legal professionals use the Member Directory for networking, referrals, and collaboration. Being listed in the directory enhances visibility within the legal community and can lead to professional opportunities.

Updating Information:

Members are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date. Attorneys can log into their SBM account and update contact information, practice areas, and other relevant data.

Limitations and Ethical Considerations:

While the Member Directory is a valuable resource, users should approach it with discernment. It is essential to recognize that inclusion in the directory does not constitute an endorsement by the SBM. Users are encouraged to conduct additional research and interview potential attorneys to ensure a good fit for their needs.


The State Bar of Michigan Member Directory is an indispensable tool for both the general public and legal professionals. By providing an organized, accessible database of attorneys licensed to practice in Michigan, it serves to uphold the integrity of the legal profession, facilitate connections, and assist in finding suitable legal representation. However, users must also exercise due diligence in selecting an attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for their legal matters.

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