Issues associated with divorce and how you can deal with it in Ohio

Divorce, in simple terms, is the legal dissolution of marriage. But, it is often more than that. When two people start a family together, most of their lives are deeply intertwined and splitting it and letting the two individuals go on separate paths is a complicated process. However, a Columbus divorce attorney can make the process a lot easier for you. 

Let’s find out everything in detail!

Common issues involved in a divorce in Ohio

  1. Division of property

Once a divorce process starts, dividing the couple’s assets is one of the most tedious tasks. There are properties in mutual ownership, private custody, etc., but the finances by the couples invested may not be equal. A divorce attorney can take care of legal nuances in the process and make the division hassle-free. 

  1. Alimony

Another contentious issue is spousal support or alimony. In Ohio, many predetermined factors decide whether one is eligible for alimony. Some of the factors are the age of the spouse, duration of the marriage, assets, and liabilities of both parties, etc.

  1. Child custody

It is often one of the messiest parts of a divorce. Divorce attorneys can mediate parents to reach an arrangement amicably. But, if the parents are unable to do so, then the court will have to intervene and give a final judgment upon the matter. Again, factors like the child’s preference, geographical presence of the parents, etc., have to be considered. 

How to present the divorce to children and how they are affected by it?

Children are often the most affected by divorce. Smaller kids find it hard to accept that their parents are not together anymore. While older children may develop mental health issues as they try to come to terms with their parents’ separation. 

Some children may spy on you to help your spouse. It can cause trouble with the legal process as your child may leak crucial information from your side to your spouse. However, some children start using the situation to guilt-trip you into getting their demands fulfilled. 

Whatever the case may be, it is ideal to discuss the divorce with your child before moving forward with the divorce process. If both the parents can calmly convince the children how their lives will be least affected by the divorce and how both parents will be actively present even after the divorce, it will be the best way forward. 

Concluding thoughts 

Divorce is a complex process as it involves so many stakeholders and not just the couples. A divorce attorney can make the process run smoothly, helping you recover from the emotional trauma you are experiencing while going through a divorce.

By Christine Mayle