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Divorce Doesn’t Need to Be Long and Gruelling

When divorce is depicted on the Hollywood silver screen, it’s often a fierce and never-ending battle. Two people formerly in love lock horns and squander their own money, time, and energy if it means harming their ex-partner.

Sadly, this can happen in real life, too. Thankfully, divorce doesn’t have to be long and gruelling.

Collaborative Lawyers for the Win

Some people see the ultimate goal of divorce as maximizing rights over custody, child and spousal support, and access. It’s true that these are crucial, but they aren’t the whole story.

The best collaborative divorce lawyers in Toronto and the GTA have a holistic vision for securing their clients’ rights. Ultimately, they know their clients want what’s best for the children they share with their ex, and that’s what they hone in right from the start.

When one side begins the proceedings with genuine positivity and collaboration, it helps lower the temperate and de-escalate things before a war has time to begin. For example, if a father works in a profession or has a particular skill that their child loves, the mother’s collaborative lawyer will insist that the two continue sharing and growing this bond.

Divorce can be scary and disorienting because suddenly, there’s a rift between people who expected to share their entire lives together. When it becomes clear that not all bridges are burned and that love for their shared children is genuinely prioritized above all, it helps establish a much-needed degree of trust that helps move things along.

Tough When Necessary

Even the most well-meaning and professional collaborative lawyer can only do so much to reduce the temperature of proceedings. After all, no two divorces are the same, and the circumstances may make alignment difficult or impossible.

The best holistic and collaborative lawyers switch tactics if the other side digs in and stays hostile. They can be warriors in court, if necessary, advocating for their client’s rights. Starting out with goodwill is an excellent way to bypass feuds, but if their client’s ex-partner is determined to wage war, collaborative lawyers will be more determined to win them and win them quickly.

Holistic View Keeps Things on Track

What does it mean to view a divorce through a holistic lens? Ultimately, holistic lawyers have a bird’s-eye perspective on matters and pursue whatever’s best for their clients in a broad, overall sense. They view and weigh all the variables equally rather than focusing on one goal while neglecting others.

Yes, of course, they will work towards securing their client’s rights for custody and financial support, but if giving a slight, reasonable concession will help wrap things up quickly and stop the financial drain, they’ll do it. The holistic view takes everything into account while securing the best outcome possible for the client.

A quick and painless divorce helps everybody win, but divorce is often accompanied by intense, negative emotions, so it’s understandable for people to get caught up in feuds and conflict. Collaborative lawyers have a broad, holistic view that helps secure the best outcome for everybody so the process wraps up swiftly and both sides can move on.

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