Exciting Majors That Will Land You A Good Job

In the olden days, knowing which career you wanted to pursue was easy since the choice was limited to medicine or engineering. Over time, though, the array of available degrees and specializations has expanded considerably. Today, even if you want to become a nurse, you can choose between becoming a mental health or a forensic nurse, both of which work in unique settings. 

And the choices don’t end there. You need to pick from a longer list of further specializations. While this evolution has enabled most students to pursue their heart’s calling, it has made decision-making quite challenging for others. In some cases, pursuing what you are passionate about doesn’t pay very well, which concerns certain individuals. Similarly, there are other factors that require consideration. 

With all these dilemmas in mind, it is an uphill task to pick a major in college. However, in order to make the choice easier, here are certain prospective career choices that let you earn handsomely:

  • Law

With the evolving needs of individuals and organizations, especially in the modern world, legal matters have gained substantial importance. The ability to pursue deals, agreements, partnerships, and various other personal or professional endeavors depends on fulfilling legal requirements that can vary. 

Naturally then, law and various relevant fields within it have grown in popularity as prospective careers and majors for students to opt for. And it is not just corporate or personal law, but criminal, accident, and injury attorneys are also in demand. If you are still looking for what your path in life could be, you can explore the option of enrolling for a criminal justice bachelors degree online and garnering relevant experience as you complete your education before preparing to become a member of the bar. 

  • Human resources

Employees are any organization’s biggest strength. They are the assets that determine success, progress, and productivity, whether it is a startup or a multinational corporation. However, the people behind formulating these teams are human resource professionals. These experts are the ones who identify prospects and ensure the nurturing as well as the well-being of current employees. 

These days, obtaining a degree in human resource management is convenient; almost every university provides the option of doing so online. As long as corporations exist, they will need human resource professionals to grow and develop their teams to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

  • Cybersecurity

With global businesses now relying solely on technology, almost every piece of sensitive information about individuals and companies is available online. The internet then, is a safe containing the most valuable treasure of all, making it a hotspot for digital criminals. Cybercrime cost the US economy alone $10.2 billion in 2022, a significant increase over the $6.9 billion it cost in 2021. As a result, organizations globally are actively recruiting different types of experts in cybersecurity. The role of cybersecurity professionals is to test, strengthen, and continually protect various networks against emerging threats year after year. 

  • Artificial intelligence and automation

Gone are the days when a simple function like restarting a printing process on a manufacturing apparatus required manual interference. Not only have these tasks become automated but they can also be intelligently predicted with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). These programs can ascertain demand, project requirements, and also chart machine wear and tear while adjusting operations accordingly. As such, professionals with knowledge of developing and implementing these systems are in high demand with the prospects of making amazing salaries with benefits. 

  • Accounting and financial management

Any company, no matter how big, small, or in between, requires accounting, financial management, and other services. Regardless of their financial worth, people all across the world need wealth management services. The demand for professions like fiscal analyst and auditor, both of which are predicted to increase by about 7% in the decade that follows, can be met by accounting, an evergreen major that can lead to a wide range of careers. The requirement for firms to oversee their financial affairs will ensure that accounting and finance students never have a problem obtaining employment.

  • Financial technology

This is a field that is considerably different from conventional financial subjects like accounting. With technology becoming an imperative component of every field, it is no surprise that fintech or financial technology has become a leading career path. The rise of fintech can be accredited to the launch of Bitcoin back in 2008. It was a revolutionary transaction method back then. Today, almost every financial engine is powered by technology. Conventional financial systems have been replaced by comprehensive systems that perform extensive calculations on a daily basis. Users around the world also have all their financial information in their pockets. Thus, professionals with majors in various aspects of financial technologies are actively required to develop, operate, and maintain these programs. 

  • Data Sciences

The age that we live in today is known as the “Information Revolution”. Today, the parameters for standing out in the extremely competitive economic landscape are to understand customers and their behavioral patterns. This is only possible through the use of data. And professionals who can sort, analyze, structure, and interpret data caches to facilitate strategic decision-making are known as data science experts. The demand for these professionals is rising; businesses are willing to spend big bucks for the right talent because they understand that a qualified individual can bring them exponential benefits. 

  • Software engineering

It is quite evident that technology has become the primary driver of business operations around the world. Be it websites or complex programs, every company requires some kind of software to operate seamlessly. This is where software engineers come into the equation. Software engineers facilitate corporate operations. The software, programs, applications, and platforms that these professionals design, power global systems effortlessly. Therefore, there cannot be a more prospective major to choose than software engineering. In fact, in the coming years, employment opportunities in the field are expected to grow by about 25%. 


Deciding on a college major is a difficult choice because it is something that you need to dedicate more than four years of your life to. It is also the choice that will define the type of job you land and the career you will have. Unsurprisingly, then, it is a daunting call to make. However, people can easily pick majors that interest them and can still make them decent living throughout the years to come. 

By Christine Mayle