CA State Bar Attorney Search

ca state bar attorney search


When it comes to legal matters in California, finding the right attorney is half the battle. The CA State Bar Attorney Search is an invaluable tool in this quest. This guide will illuminate how to effectively use this resource to find a lawyer that best fits your needs.

Understanding the CA State Bar Attorney Search

What is the CA State Bar Attorney Search?

This search function is an online directory provided by the State Bar of California. It allows individuals to search for licensed attorneys in the state, offering insights into their professional status and history.

How to Use the Search Tool

Accessing the Portal

Begin by visiting the State Bar of California’s official website. Here, you’ll find the search portal ready to assist you.

Entering Search Criteria

You can search using various criteria, such as the attorney’s name, bar number, or the name of their law firm.

Interpreting the Results

The search results will provide detailed information, including the attorney’s current licensing status, educational background, and any record of disciplinary action.

Tips for an Effective Search

Using Filters

To refine your search, use filters like location or area of legal expertise. This can significantly narrow down your options to more relevant choices.

Verifying Credentials

Pay close attention to the licensing status and any disciplinary history to ensure you are choosing a reputable and qualified attorney.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Overlooking Disciplinary History

Don’t skip over the disciplinary section. An attorney’s past can be indicative of their professionalism and reliability.

Relying Solely on the Search Tool

While the CA State Bar Attorney Search is a great starting point, it should be one of many resources you use in finding the right attorney.


Q1: Is the CA State Bar Attorney Search free to use? A1: Yes, the search tool is a free service provided by the State Bar of California.

Q2: Can I find an attorney’s contact information through this search? A2: Yes, the search results typically include contact details for the attorneys listed.


The CA State Bar Attorney Search is a powerful tool for anyone seeking legal representation in California. By understanding how to use this resource effectively, you can ensure that you find a competent and trustworthy attorney to handle your legal matters.

By Richard Wells