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US Senate Nevada General Election, 2022 Results
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US Senate Nevada General Election, 2022 Results


The US Senate Nevada General Election of 2022 was closely watched across the nation, as the state of Nevada has been known for its role as a battleground in American politics. The election was held on November 8, 2022, and was a part of the 2022 United States Senate elections where the voters decided to either re-elect or replace the incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.


Nevada, a swing state with a diverse population, has been unpredictable in past elections. With six electoral votes in presidential elections and a rapidly growing population, Nevada has been the focus of both major political parties. Catherine Cortez Masto, the incumbent senator, was first elected in 2016, and the 2022 election was her first re-election bid. Her main challenger was Adam Laxalt, a Republican and the former Attorney General of Nevada.


  1. Catherine Cortez Masto (Democratic Party) – Incumbent
  2. Adam Laxalt (Republican Party) – Former Attorney General of Nevada

Other third-party and independent candidates also ran in this election, but Cortez Masto and Laxalt were considered the main contenders.


The campaign for the Nevada Senate seat was intense. The Democrats focused on healthcare, immigration, and climate change, while the Republicans put an emphasis on the economy, taxes, and public safety. Both candidates actively campaigned throughout the state, and there was a significant amount of campaign spending by outside groups. The race was seen as pivotal for control of the Senate, and as a result, it attracted national attention.

Election Day:

Election Day was marked by high voter turnout. There were reports of long lines at polling stations, and both campaigns were active in getting out the vote. The importance of the Nevada Senate seat in the larger context of control over the Senate brought both in-state and out-of-state voters to the polls in significant numbers.


After a closely contested race, Catherine Cortez Masto was declared the winner. The results were as follows:

  • Catherine Cortez Masto (Democratic Party) – 51.2% of the vote
  • Adam Laxalt (Republican Party) – 46.5% of the vote

The remaining percentage of the vote was distributed among various third-party and independent candidates.


Catherine Cortez Masto’s victory in the Nevada Senate race was significant for the Democratic Party. It not only secured a crucial seat but also had implications on the balance of power in the United States Senate. For the Republicans, losing the Nevada seat was a blow to their efforts to regain control of the Senate.


The 2022 US Senate Nevada General Election was a high-stakes and closely contested race. Incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto retained her seat against the main challenger, Republican Adam Laxalt. The results of this election have had implications on the wider political landscape and the balance of power within the United States Senate.

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