Three Things Atlanta Bicycle Accident Attorneys Advise Against

If you are like many injured victims of a bicycle accident in Atlanta, you might be wondering whether or not to hire a lawyer. But the truth is an ethical lawyer will only take your case if you have a valid claim they can help with. Most injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis, which means they get only paid when they successfully secure compensation for their clients. 

But if you have not made your final decision, there are things you should not do because they could ruin your case even if you have an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney on your side. Keep in mind that most mistakes cannot be undone and they can be costly. If you have an attorney handling your case, they will advise you against the following:

Talking to the Insurance Provider

If the at-fault driver reports the accident to their insurer, an insurance representative will contact you soon. Unfortunately, this person won’t have your best interest in mind and only get in touch with you to get information that can be used against you. 

It is not a legal requirement to speak with an insurance adjuster, so do not talk to them until you have completely recovered from your injuries and are ready to negotiate. In one of your conversations with the adjuster, you could unintentionally admit liability and hurt your chances of securing reasonable compensation in the future. Also, you might communicate a settlement amount that does not reflect all the damages you suffer. If the adjuster is insistent on getting a statement from you, direct them to your attorney.

Signing Any Authorizations

An insurance company may try to ask you to sign a medical release form, which authorizes them to pull out your medical history and other related information. However, documents can have fine print you do not understand, and signing them can lead to major changes you cannot undo. Also, they could include an agreement to waive your privacy rights. That is why you should consider having a lawyer review any documents you get before you sign them. A lawyer is trained to find and understand the implications of terms and agreements that could have negative effects on your car accident case.

Destroying Evidence

For you to get compensation for damages, you must properly document them. Your accident claim will disappear once you lose the necessary evidence. So, to maintain this evidence, keep it until you have accurately documented and recorded its value. Your lawyer can help you with this. 

By Billy Jaimes