Pursuing Compensation for Lost Wages After Sustaining Injuries in a New Hampshire Accident

When you think of damages you can recover after sustaining personal injuries in an accident, you may generally think of the medical expenses you incur. But did you know that you can also recover compensation for lost wages when you cannot return to work for a long time because of your injuries? A skilled injury lawyer in New Hampshire can help you estimate the total losses that result from the accident and hold the negligent party responsible for your damages, including the income you lost. 

Calculating Lost Wages

If an accident results in injuries that are serious enough to force you to miss work for a certain period, you can claim compensation for lost wages during this time. For instance, if you haven’t been able to work for four full weeks because of your injury, you could claim those four weeks’ worth of lost income as part of your personal injury claim or lawsuit. 

If your injuries prevent you from going to the same job or force you to look for a new, lower-paying job, you can claim compensation for the difference in income that results from a change. The negligent party in your injury claim is liable for all the damages you suffer because of their actions. These include future lost income when you cannot return to work. 

The potential compensation for lost future earning potential can be substantial for some accident victims. For instance, a younger driver in their 30s can still have decades of working time in their life, and sustaining a traumatic injury at this age could complicate their ability to stay employed in the future. In this case, the compensation they can get may be greater than a victim in their 50s who only have fewer working years.  

Working with an Injury Lawyer to Pursue Due Compensation

If you suffered injuries in an accident that resulted from the carelessness or negligence of a party or more, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to know the type of compensation you can get from a successful lawsuit. You may be able to win compensation for your medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering. The compensation for lost income may just be a few weeks’ worths of wages or years’ worth, depending on the seriousness of your injuries and whether you sustained permanent damage because of the accident. Your attorney will help you recover all the damages you suffered and hold all negligent parties liable for them. 

By Allan Butcher