California Bar Attorney Search

california bar attorney search


The California Bar Attorney Search is a crucial tool for individuals and businesses seeking legal representation or verification in California. This guide will provide an in-depth look into how to effectively utilize this resource.

Understanding the California Bar Attorney Search

What is the California Bar Attorney Search?

The California Bar Attorney Search is an online directory provided by the State Bar of California. It allows users to search for licensed attorneys in California, offering details about their licensing status, disciplinary history, and contact information.

How to Use the California Bar Attorney Search

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Accessing the Portal: Visit the State Bar of California’s official website.
  2. Search Criteria: Input the attorney’s name, bar number, or firm name.
  3. Reviewing Results: Examine the attorney’s profile for license status, disciplinary history, and practice areas.

Tips for Effective Searching

  • Use Correct Spelling: Ensure the attorney’s name is spelled correctly.
  • Bar Number: If available, use the attorney’s bar number for precise results.
  • Advanced Search Options: Utilize filters for location, practice areas, etc.

Understanding the Results

License Status: Indicates if the attorney is currently licensed to practice law in California.

Disciplinary History: Shows any past disciplinary actions taken against the attorney.

Contact Information: Provides current contact details of the attorney or their firm.


Q1: Can I find out if an attorney has been disciplined? A1: Yes, the search results include any disciplinary history.

Q2: Is the California Bar Attorney Search free to use? A2: Yes, this service is provided free of charge by the State Bar of California.

Q3: How current is the information in the California Bar Attorney Search? A3: The database is regularly updated, providing the most current information available.

Q4: Can I use this search to find attorneys in a specific area of law? A4: Yes, you can filter your search based on practice areas.


The California Bar Attorney Search is an invaluable resource for verifying an attorney’s credentials and disciplinary record. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, users can confidently navigate the search process and find the legal representation they need.

By Debra Berrier